The Lego Movie

by Alicia

We had been anxiously awaiting the Lego Movie now since we first saw the trailer in the summer.  The Batman Lego mini movies, Ninjago, and Star Wars Lego humor has become something to look forward to for each new release.  There is a sense of wit and hilarity that transforms Lego mini figures into these charming and realistic characters who talk, move and build things, often, so quickly you may be inspired to attempt to build a new vehicle (and/or beg your parents for a new Lego set because.. y’know, inspiration.)

Whatever “it” is.. the Lego franchise has it.  This would be everything from the celebrity voices to the smoke, water, and bubbles that surround you in the Lego world.  This all holds true for the Lego movie.  There really isn’t one Lego shaped stone left un-turned.  Mild-mannered Emmett, in an effort, to find his purpose takes the audience on an adventure through a wondrous world of Lego AND some time travel back through your childhood.  I am speaking as a parent and as a grown-up type person.  I am certain, Mason and I laughed more than the kiddo who we brought to the movie.  The humor was above and beyond hilarious.  The fast-paced cuts and the character-specific jokes were made for us and others like us.

The movie had it all, in that, it is both appealing to grown-ups and kids alike.  There is the plot line which is perfect for a 9-year-old to comprehend and follow completely yet it was complex enough for an adult to understand and even find personal meaning to it as well.  Keaton said it was the best movie he’s ever seen in his life.  Therefore, I know, as a kid, he wasn’t short changed.  He was delighted in the humor as well.  He would even repeat some of the lines to me with a whisper and a giggle.

I was amused throughout the movie and found it a nice escape from whatever else might be going on to just enjoy the moment of being there with the man and the son I adore.  That is something great about a fun movie that is smartly written and funny.  It is an experience rather than just a movie or just something to do.  It was a movie we talked about afterwards.  Keaton asked Mason and I what our favorite parts of the movie were and why.  We asked him the same question back.  It is this type of entertainment that fosters discussion and the need to question and share thoughts.  These are the things I love to do and I was happy to have that last night.

I also noticed that I would continue to think of funny lines or moments about the movie throughout the evening and into the next day.  Mason surprised Keaton with the Lego Movie video game for the Xbox when we returned home.  It was a super cool moment because Keaton opened the package and when his eyes made contact with the game he just looked up and said, “Are you serious?!?” and then hugged Mason and I.  Mason and Keaton relived the movie, just moments later, by playing the game.  We were able to make it a Lego Movie kind of evening and everything felt awesome.

In conclusion, go see The Lego Movie.  It is not a big long commercial for Lego.  It isn’t a ploy to sell toys, in my opinion, and if it is.. who cares?  Honestly, we have been buying Lego for years.  The movie might increase sales yes, but the movie is fantastic and kudos to them for further solidifying themselves as a force that promotes a happy childhood for kids and endearing memories for adults.  Let us continue to promote creativity, individualism and imagination.  I certainly don’t see there is anything wrong with that.